Learn how to easily create a Bitcoin investment website. All you need to do to create this website is get the investment script, get a domain and host account, upload the script, customize it, and it will be ready in an hour or less.

Bitcoin investment websites are in high demand because of the popularity of bitcoins and cryptocurrency awareness. This site can take Bitcoin investments and make daily or weekly withdrawals from the site’s profit. The site can be funded and withdrawals made with several payment options like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Paypal, Ethereum, and many others

How can I create Bitcoin investment websites?

Step One you need to get a domain name and host account you can get that from our store at paul jumbo store here https://pauljumbostore.com/product/cpanel/ or you can get it at NameCheap.

Step Two: get the bitcoin investment script you can get the script for free if you buy our cpanel package here: https://pauljumbostore.com/product/cpanel/ or if you need to host on your own hosting account, you can get it here: https://pauljumbostore.com/product/investment-website-script/

Step Three Login to your cPanel account and create a database. Upload the script to the cPanel and make basic customizations with the content, logo, and designs

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