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09 Jul
July 9, 2023
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qq is China's largest online portal, like Google, that has several portals on it like Gmail and the rest With this qq account, you can use it for network, messaging, gaming, video chats, microblogging, etc.

You can now easily create a QQ account using real Chinese or European phone numbers from any part of the world.

How can I create a qq account in 2021?

Step one: You can easily create by using a dedicated China or European phone number you get from our dedicated phone portal at . Once you have the number you download the qq app on the playstore or use this link on your browser

watch how to create qq account here 

Step Two: Download the QQI software for your desktop or Mac system by searching for QQI at FileHippo or from your phone.

Step Three: Click on the sign up or register button in the app and enter your preferred username, phone number, and your password and click on continue it will send a dedicated code to your phone number and all you need to do is to go back to the phone portal and get the code and paste it and click on continue.

It will generate a dedicated qq account number that you can now use on qq apps and software and also use the same qq account to create WeChat accounts too.

Finally, if you have tried opening a qq account several from unapproved countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, etc. It will require you to get old verified qq accounts to confirm your new account.

Get our portal guide it comes with our you get old accounts easily that you can use to verify the qq account instantly here

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