Bulk Email Marketing

Everything you need to know on how to send unlimited emails from web server

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In this course, we will learn how to set up bulk email server we can use to send unlimited bulk emails direct from our server easily without any knowledge of web programming it's so easy that you can set it up in 30 minutes and start using to send bulk emails.

Sending bulk emails from a web based server is the easiest and cheapest way with a very high rate of inbox delivery, we will also learn how to use different methods with the web based server to send bulk emails.

Requirements to create bulk email server ?
You will need a SMTP server, which will cost you $5 to 15$ per month
You will need a domain and host account
You should be too ready to learn

What will you benefit from this course?
Ability to send unlimited bulk emails
Ability to schedule bulk emails to send from the email server
How to use multiple SMTP and ips to send bulk emails
Ability to send bulk emails from newsletter through smtp

who is this course for?
Those who are interested in email marketing business
Those who are interested in creating their own mail server
Those who want to be in control of their email marketing business

Your Instructor

Turi Madagwa
Turi Madagwa

Turi Madagwa is a blogger and web developer for many years creating websites and blogging

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