Do you know you can create a professional courier tracking website like DHL FedEx etc in less than an hour and make a lot of money creating it for others?

Download our free courier tracking WordPress script you can use to create shipping and courier tracking websites without the knowledge of web designing and programming. The script comes with a free detailed video guide on how to install and use the script to create a tracking website

Watch Video On How To Create Courier Tracking Website

Steps on how to create the courier tracking website

Step One: Get a hosting and domain name that’s a cpanel from any reputable hosting company we recommend you get an anonymous or bulletproof host that is very good for such scripts like courier scripts, investment scripts online banking scripts, etc. You can learn how to create this bulletproof hosting account with less than 5$ here turischool.com/hosting

Step Two: Step one go to turischool.com/ship and download the script with a detailed video guide on how to use it to create a tracking site quickly.

Step Three: Login to your cpanel and install WordPress in the cpanel login to the WordPress dashboard and install the “wpvivid migration” plugin in it.

Step Four: Upload the free script you downloaded and click on restore once the script is fully uploaded.

Step Five customise the site by changing the colors, logo, and web content yuca uses ai to generate content for the site.

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