How to create 8d online banking website

In this guide, we are going to learn how to create a professional online banking website with our free script easily without any knowledge of web designing or programming.

You can now create an online banking website that you can deposit crypto currency like bitcoins, ethereum, etc. on it. It also has loan features where account holders can apply for loans and users can generate debit cards from their account too.

Steps on how to create an online banking website

Step one: Get a cpanel that has a domain name and hosting account. We recommend you get an anonymous or bullet-proof hosting account that is very good to host any kind of script. You can get our guide on how to create the anon hosting account for 5$ or 5k naira.

Step two: Inside the cpanel, create a database and database user and connect both of them.

Step three: Upload the sql file that comes with the script. Click phpmyadmin and import the sql file.

Step four: Upload the script in your public_html folder.

Step five: Customize the content and the graphics like logo, banner, etc.

Kindly download the script below

watch how to use the script here